My first memory of shooting pictures was when I was 11 years old. My Grandfather brought me to a Reading Phillies minor league baseball game. I was so happy. I excitedly snapped thru a roll of 24 pictures, just knowing that Sports Illustrated would be calling me the next morning. Unfortunately, my 11 year old brain did not fully understand how film worked and every frame from the game was ruined when I opened the camera before rewinding the film.

DrJ_1980I started getting serious about making images in high school — proudly working on the yearbook staff and carrying around my very own Pentax 35mm camera body everywhere I went. I took this image of Julius Erving in 1980, thanks to a friend with great floor seats at the old Chicago Stadium.

I continued to create images throughout college and beyond, with decreased frequency and passion. Real life had taken hold of my career.

In 2000, Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan bought a minor league baseball franchise moved the team to Round Rock, Texas. I was one of the first season ticket holders. This experience reignited my passion for photography.

For the last decade I have been working as a professional baseball photographer. My images have been used in dozens of baseball cards and media guides. I have been published in books and magazines such as Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, ESPN – The Magazine and The Sporting News. I am a contributing photographer for Baseball America, Four Seam Images and AP Images.


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